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Building an email list is typically a time-consuming process that costs not only a tremendous amount of time but also a lot of money. Unfortunately, that’s just the way it has always been. At least until now!

There are actually plenty of sources of subscribers that many people have never thought about, yet they can really boost your subscriber numbers. Just a few minutes spent each day can net you a big number of subscribers with very little effort and little to no monetary investment.

Some of these may be a little new to you. Others you may have heard about and forgotten to take advantage of. Some may even be methods you figured were ineffective and never bothered to try. But they can all be effective.

In this report, you’re going to learn about some of the different methods of finding more email subscribers and getting them to opt-in to your list. You’ll also find out how to make better-looking, more exciting, and more effective squeeze pages that will dramatically increase your opt-in rate.

Let’s get started.

Increasing Squeeze Page Effectiveness

Before you start working on finding new sources of subscribers, it’s a good idea to first make sure your squeeze page is performing as effectively as possible. Why waste potential subscribers on an underperforming squeeze page? Those people could be gone forever!

One of the most effective ways to increase squeeze page conversions is to turn your squeeze pages into something out of the ordinary. This is easier said than done if you don’t know much about design or programming, right?

Not if you use a program like PageDyno!


PageDyno makes it incredibly easy to create highly effective squeeze pages that will convert like crazy because they add all sorts of new features that grab attention and encourage user participation.

Best of all, the web-based interface allows you to dive in and create your own pages with absolutely no design or programming experience whatsoever. If you can use email and sites like Facebook, you can use this program!

What types of features can you add with PageDyno?

  • Gorgeous high-resolution backgrounds
  • Video backgrounds
  • Attention-grabbing animations

Plus, you’ll get these benefits and more:

  • Hosted pages (optionally)
  • Works with all major autoresponders
  • Works with all video hosts
  • Works in any browser on any device

If you want to create squeeze pages that will convert like crazy, you can either hire a designer to do it for you and spend a ton of money (as well as time communicating back and forth to get exactly what you want), or you can use PageDyno and get exactly what you want every time!


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Social Media

Most people aren’t using social media effectively to increase their email subscribers. They may be sending people to the same squeeze page over and over, or not even sending people to their squeeze page at all!

In order to make the most out of social media, it’s a good idea to keep your squeeze page as fresh as possible by creating new versions regularly and offering new content. Instead of having the same free report available all the time, freshen things up by coming up with new angles and new content to keep people interested.

Facebook and Twitter are both great sources of subscribers, but you need to have fresh content, and you need to be sure you follow the rules carefully so you don’t end up banned, or at the very least alienating the audience you’re trying to reach.

On Facebook, you can join various groups in your niche and post. Just remember that you’ll probably want to become a part of the community before posting any advertising because people generally frown on drive-by ads in Facebook groups!

Also, be sure you read the group rules carefully!

No sense even joining a group if they specifically state no ads allowed.


Forums are often overlooked as a source of subscribers because they seem to be “old-fashioned” in today’s world. So many people think that everyone has moved onto Facebook and Pinterest, but this isn’t necessarily true. A lot of people still frequent forums and they become tight-knit communities where a solid member can really make an impact.

One of the greatest things about forums is that you can find them in even the tightest niches. Almost any niche imaginable is likely to have a discussion forum available. If not, you could potentially start your own. Otherwise, you could find one in a similar niche.

If you’re going to use this tactic, it’s important to read the rules carefully and become an active member of the community. If you don’t, you’ll just be wasting your time. Moderators will generally just delete your posts quickly and potentially ban you if you’re not a regular poster.

And don’t just spam links to your squeeze pages. Include your link inconspicuously in your signature rather than calling attention to it. If you post helpful posts regularly, you’ll find your signature is enough.

WordPress Blog Enhancement

One really interesting trick you can use is to use a plugin on your WordPress blog to enhance your opt-in forms.


This plugin will allow you to:

  • Add a “sign up to our newsletter” checkbox to comment forms
  • Add the checkbox to your registration forms
  • Add a customizable opt-in widget
  • Embed signup forms in your posts with shortcode
  • Embed signup forms into your template
  • Works with most autoresponder services

This plugin will give you a large number of different ways to capture more subscribers on your blog, including getting your commenters to subscribe, which can be an extremely powerful tool.

Best of all, the plugin is free.


Pinterest has become widely known as one of the most effective marketing websites on the planet, and it’s completely free to use. Pinterest has a rabid user base, and posts are very easy to share, giving them a high potential to go viral.

The main thing you need to understand about Pinterest is that it’s vital to create posts that are interesting enough to be shared widely. Include interesting photos, ideally with writing on them to encourage sharing. These photos must reflect your content and relate well to your niche.

For example, if you’re offering a free booklet of fried chicken recipes, you could include a recipe for Thai-inspired fried chicken on your blog. Post a picture of your recipe, and be sure to put the URL of your blog on the image, as well as the title of your recipe. This will draw attention on Pinterest and encourage shares.

Then you can be sure to sprinkle your opt-in form in various places in order to capture as many signups as possible.


YouTube is one of the highest traffic websites in the world, and audiences are captivated by the video format. It’s easy to use such a massive traffic source to gain more subscribers.

The best way to do this is to post interesting and informative videos in your niche and offer a link to your opt-in form within the video. This works best if you can send people directly to your main website instead of a sub-page because people aren’t going to want to type in a long URL after seeing it in a video.

Be sure to include relevant tags in order to get the most possible traffic.


Craigslist is a source of traffic that a lot of people don’t think about, but if you use it correctly, it can be a goldmine of subscribers. You can either post in a niche-related area if there is one available, or post in the free stuff section to offer a copy of your free report.

Remember that the Craigslist community is notorious for reporting anything they see as a scam or that doesn’t fit into a category, so you may see your ads disappear sometimes. You can continue posting them, but be prepared to get banned if enough people keep reporting your ads.

The free section is really the most effective place to post ads because you truly are offering something free. You’re less likely to get marked as spam if you’re offering a free report in the free section, however, it definitely can still happen, so be prepared.

Contests & Giveaways

One fantastic way to get more subscribers is to offer contests. These can be for simple things like $10 gift cards, or even larger things that would be even more compelling.

Ideally, you want to offer prizes that work well for your niche. For example, if you’re in the knitting niche, offer free knitting patterns, or gift cards to craft stores. This will draw the right crowd.

Your content is more likely to get a lot of subscribers if you can add a viral element, so consider using a system like PromoSimple to add a viral element that gives people additional chances to win if they refer others or share your posts.


Another similar system is Rafflecopter:


Sites like PromoSimple and Rafflecopter make it easy to create viral giveaways that can really grow your subscriber list quickly.


Building an email list has never been easier than it is right now. There is a seemingly endless supply of free traffic available for the taking if you know where to look, and turning it into subscribers is as simple as creating a compelling offer and a high converting squeeze page to present it.

Using the sources outlined in this guide, you can easily ramp up your subscriber base in no time. Just work a little each day implementing these methods, and before you know it, your email list will explode to a size you never even thought was possible.

Don’t forget that you can search for your own sources, as well. The more creative you get, the less competition you’ll have because fewer people will be using your methods!

I wish you the best of luck growing your list.

To Your Success,

ProfitQuickLists Success Team


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